We believe children need a positive environment to learn and thrive academically, spiritually, emotionally and physically so they can become the champions of their generation!

Why Tomorrow’s Champions?

4 Day Class Week

Our Classes run Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 3:30pm


Integrative Learning Program

We use curriculum from several award winning programs to make sure your children get the best education we can offer.

Field Trips

Children are curious and learn for experience. We provide field trips throughout the year that are fun and exciting opportunities to explore and learn

Practical Life Skills

We know how important it is for kids to learn practical, hands on skills to become well rounded adults.  WE take many opportunities to teach various life skills throughout the year.

Small Class Sizes

Keeping our class sizes smaller than the average local school allows us to connect more with each student and provide focused lessons.

Individualized Study Lessons

Because we don’t structure our classes simply by grade level, we are able to work with each individual student to create a study plan that fits their personal needs and learning level.

We are located at 255 College Dr. NW Salem, OR 97304

Tomorrow Champions Academy is a community dedicated to the education of children and their spiritual, academic and emotional development. By utilizing hands on learning, practical life skills and biblical principles, we are raising up the exceptional leaders of tomorrow.

Why we are different

Tomorrow’s Champions Academy has a different mindset when it comes to childhood education. We combine grade levels in one classroom because we have seen that this set up naturally fosters leadership skills in the older kids and motivates the younger kids to aspire to higher grade levels. This creates comradery and provides oppurtunity to teach compassion and empathy. 


Looking to Support our Students?

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255 College Dr. NW, Salem, OR 97304



M-Th 8:30-3:30

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Salem, OR 97304

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